Feud Between Former Phillies Lenny Dykstra And Mitch Williams Gets Ugly At Comedy Roast

Big leaguers can sure hold onto a big-league grudge.

A video has emerged of former Philadelphia Phillies teammates Lenny Dykstra and Mitch Williams resuming their longtime feud at a comedy roast. Only this wasn't funny in the one-liner way. It was a serious expletive-filled argument between two guys who can't stand each other and have no problem slinging accusations in public.

In other words, super entertaining!

A bit of background: Dykstra blamed Williams for losing the 1993 World Series after the relief pitcher blew a 6-5 Phillies lead in the ninth inning by surrendering a three-run, game-winning home run to Toronto's Joe Carter. That clinched the series for the Blue Jays.

According to Yahoo!, the two had a confrontation at a baseball card signing in 2013, and Dykstra has ripped Williams in a few outlets, including the New York Times.

At last month's Sports Roast Philadelphia, however, the animosity appeared to rise to a whole new level. Dykstra, who spent time behind bars for bankruptcy fraud, managed to deliver one of the few jokes in this awkward exchange. He told Williams, "Prison was like a bleepin' fantasy camp compared to playing behind you."

If these two were putting us on (not likely), it would be the best acting job ever.

Watch above and keep the volume down for the NSFW language.



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