Lenny Kravitz Discusses His Blended Family, Calls Jason Momoa His 'Brother'

The rock icon shared his love for his ex-wife, actress Lisa Bonet, and their family's "beautiful" relationship in a recent interview.

Lenny Kravitz recently talked with U.K. publication The Times about his blended family and the “beautiful” relationship he has with his ex-wife, actress Lisa Bonet, and her husband, “Game of Thrones” star Jason Momoa.

In the interview published Saturday, Kravitz said he and Bonet put the work into rebuilding a relationship after their divorce was finalized in 1993.

“We took the time so that we could become best friends again,” he said. “Our families are blended. I love her husband ― he’s like a brother to me ― and I love the kids. It’s beautiful, but it takes work.”

Kravitz and Bonet have a 30-year-old daughter, actress Zoë Kravitz, together. Bonet and Momoa have two children, Lola, 12, and Nakoa-Wolf, 10.

The rock icon has previously discussed his love for his blended family. In 2013, Kravitz said he, Bonet, Momoa and their children were “one big happy family,” during an interview on Oprah’s “Master Class” on Own.

“It’s beautiful and it just shows you what can be done,” he said at the time.

In December, Momoa posted a photo on Instagram of himself with Kravitz sporting matching rings. The “Aquaman” actor shared at the time that he gifted Kravitz an “amazing bone skull ring” to match one he already owned.

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