Lentil, French Bulldog Puppy With A Cleft Palate, Is Stealing Hearts Everywhere (SLIDESHOW)

LOOK: Lentil The Puppy With A Cleft Palate Is Stealing Hearts Everywhere

Lentil is a very special puppy. Born with a cleft palate and given up by his owners, he's already had it rough at just 6 weeks old.

But thanks to the French Bulldog Rescue Network and a loving new foster mom, he's doing just fine.

lenny the lentil

Lentil is also tiny and clumsy, and has the most adorable mini-bark.

lenny the lentil

lenny the lentil

Lentil's condition means he'll soon need surgery to be able to eat properly and keep growing, his owner wrote on his blog. Lucky for him he's got almost 10,000 fans watching over him every day through his Facebook page and rooting for him to make it.

This little guy is a very big deal.

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Introducing Lenny, The Lentil

Lenny The Lentil

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