Lentil Recipes We Love

There are so many reasons to adore this legume.

Do you ever wish more foods were reliably cheap, healthy and tasty? Good news -- lentils are all three. Overlooked by many a supermarket shopper, protein-rich lentils are faster than other types of dried legumes to prepare, and they easily absorb your favorite flavors from other foods and seasonings. As a result, you can never really run out of ways to make them.

If lentils aren't a staple ingredient in your pantry, they're about to be. We've put together some incredible lentil recipes to get you started, from salads to stews and everything in between. Twenty-five of them to be exact. Get started.

Amaranth Cakes With Lentils, Kale And Chipotle Aioli

Lentil Recipes We Love

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