Leo Herrera's 'Fortune Teller' Shows Past 50 Years In Gay Life With Various Clips (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Past 50 Years As A Gay Person Distilled Into One Video

Gay activist/artist Leo Herrera has released a video entitled "The Fortune Teller" which is comprised of videos and images from the past 50 years of gay milestones and significant events in the history of the gay movement. The video consists of 100 selected clips to reflect all of the different facets of gay life, from AIDS to Chris Crocker.

Herrera says:

"...Homosexuality transcends culture, geography and race. Homophobia is the same in New York City as it is in Russia... Our sexual freedom is as reviled in America as in Uganda... And yet we are all moving forward on a global scale...

The specially curated five minute video took six months to complete and proves that modern gay history is layered and also reminds you why you should have even more pride this month.

(h/t to Towleroad)

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