Leo Ponzio Hemorrhoids: Argentine Soccer Player Suffers Embarrassing Injury During Match (VIDEO)

WATCH: Soccer Player Suffers Embarrassing Injury

Argentine soccer player Leo Ponzio suffered a cringe-worthy injury during a match on Sunday, but despite a massive blood stain on his shorts, the River Plate midfielder wouldn't consider sitting out for a game (if he could).

Spectators may have been surprised when Ponzio began bleeding profusely from his backside during play against Boca Unidos. However, it was later revealed that Ponzio had ruptured a hemorrhoid on a fall.

"It was weird what happened to me, because I had spent a week in which I had eaten well... I felt that something had broken," he added, according to Spanish outlet Terra. "Hemorrhoids go through nervousness, stress, bad eating and strength."

Although the scene was a bit gruesome, Ponzio is hardly the first athlete to deal with this sensitive issue. MLB Hall of Famer George Brett famously removed himself from a game during the 1980 World Series due to a hemorrhoid problem. Brett would undergo surgery and return to action.

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