Leonard Kim Says: Let Your Fears Guide You (Here's Why)

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<p>Leonard Kim’s TEDx Talk - Why You Should Let Your Fears Guide You</p>

Leonard Kim’s TEDx Talk - Why You Should Let Your Fears Guide You

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I’m terrified of water.

Not just any water. Deep water. I’m okay with swimming pools and lakes. The moment a shark is a possibility, I’m out. Call me crazy, but I prefer not getting bitten by a shark. So I avoid deep water and the ocean. You probably also have fears that are based on rational beliefs, such as fire, snakes, or heights.

However, we all have irrational beliefs as well. They usually stem from the beliefs authorities instilled into us as children. The fear of failure, the fear of rejection, the fear of never living.

We spend the majority of our lives so focused on not risking failure, that we never pursue the flip side - the possibility we might find success, acceptance, actualization of our dreams.

What is the right thing to do - to ignore our fears? To run from them? To face them head on?

If you’ve ever wondered how to handle your fears, personal branding authority, Leonard Kim, explains how he allows his fears to guide him - and the results of this choice - are remarkable.

Leonard’s journey is nothing short of a miracle, as he overcame homelessness - ultimately growing a successful branding agency and being named one of the top personal branding authorities. His work for top companies and Fortune 500 companies, and major influencers continually earns him international press and credibility.

“Failing is one constant in life that even the most successful of people face. In fact, I have spent the majority of my 20s failing. But there is a simple three step process to overcome it.” - Leonard Kim

His 3 step system is shared here - in a piece where he explains the exact steps to handle fear.

But there’s an incredible reason why you should learn to understand your fears - as Leonard details in his TEDx Talk, sharing his story and methodology behind overcoming fear.

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