Leonardo Da Vinci Birthday: Beloved 'Mona Lisa' Painter And Inventor Was Born 561 Years Ago Today (PHOTOS)

Today we are wishing the warmest of birthday wishes to our favorite artist, scientist, inventor, mathematician, musician and philosopher: Leonardo da Vinci. The innovative inventor was born on this day in 1452.

"For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return."

-Leonardo da Vinci

leonardo da vinci birthday

Leonardo was born to unmarried parents in Vinci, an area within the territory of Florence, Italy. His status as an illegitimate child led him to become an apprentice for the sculptor, goldsmith and painter Andrea del Verrocchio at a mere 14 years old. Under Verrochio's tutelage Leonardo discovered his immense talent and insatiable curiosity for the wonders of the world, leading him on a lifelong path filled with art, science and exploration.

From the smallest muscles in the human body to the grandest notions of the universe, Leonardo saw every detail as existing in relationship to the whole. His works maintained the perfect harmony he saw in the cosmos, where the eye could further both art and science through careful observation and eternal curiosity. Which is why on this matter most people can agree: da Vinci was one of the most creative and intriguing figures in history.

In honor of Leonardo's big day we've compiled 10 fun facts about the brilliant artist and inventor. Leave your birthday wish to Leonardo in the comments section.

Leonardo Da Vinci Fun Facts