Leonardo DiCaprio Wins Most Awkward Handshake At Golden Globes

Eh ... paper covers rock. I win!

Leonardo DiCaprio plays a man who returns from the grave after a run-in with a bear in "The Revenant," but nothing could bring this handshake back from the dead.

After winning the award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama at the 2016 Golden Globes, DiCaprio actually did encounter the most difficult performance of his career: going for a fist bump when your bro goes for a high-five.

Yeah, even a real bear attack might not be that harsh. 

The fail just continued an evening of highs and lows for the actor. One moment you're part of the Best Picture, and the next you're getting spooked out of your mind by Lady Gaga. It happens.

Congrats on the award, Leo. Sorry about the handshake. Paper covers rock, bruh. Better luck next time.

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