Leonardo DiCaprio Wasn't Feeling The Formation At Beyoncé Concert

But he did cause all this conversation.
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1 + 1 = ?

Hold up -- Leonardo DiCaprio is a Beyoncé fan? 

The Oscar winner was spotted on Tuesday at the New York stop on Queen Bey's world tour. But while everyone else came dressed in their Beyoncé best, DiCaprio opted to take a huge fashion risk by pulling off a look he's never tried before: a newsboy hat. 

Seated among fans on the floor of Citi Field instead of high up above in box seats, DiCaprio reportedly attended the concert with a cabal of models and nightlife guru Richie Akiva. Try as he might not to stand out, fans immediately spotted him despite a valiant effort to disguise himself as a modern-day “Newsies” cast member.

Those lucky enough to be in his section took to social media to express their shock and awe that Leo is, in fact, part of the Beyhive, by sharing photos of a less-than-thrilled DiCaprio all night (sweet love) long. 

At one point, he decided to cover up with a rain jacket to further protect himself from curious bystanders -- although we can confirm that there was no rain on Tuesday night.

According to Page Six, DiCaprio was still able to enjoy the concert despite the unwanted attention. A source claimed that Leo and crew "were all dancing up a storm” as Bey served Citi Field a cool drink of her "Lemonade."

And in case you didn't put the puzzle pieces together, this means that Leo witnessed the sneeze heard 'round the world in real time. If he wasn't a card-carrying Beyhive member before the concert, you know he had to have been feeling himself by the end. 



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