Leonardo DiCaprio Calls For Action After Trump Pulls Out Of Climate Deal

"Today, our planet suffered."

Climate change activist Leonardo DiCaprio offered a way to protest President Donald Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of an international agreement to fight rising temperatures: support organizations that take the problem seriously.

Trump announced his decision to abandon the Paris Agreement, which includes nearly every other nation, on Thursday as part of his “America First” mission. Because the United States is the second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases, the president’s choice is a huge blow to the global effort to fight climate change. Trump has referred to the issue as a “hoax” in the past and is a known climate change denier.

The star of “Before the Flood,” a 2016 documentary about climate change, urged followers over Twitter to support three activist organizations: Indivisible, Stand Up America and the National Resources Defense Council. The NRDC is currently collecting donations to fund legal action against Trump’s policies on the environment.

”Today, our planet suffered,” DiCaprio tweeted shortly after news of Trump’s decision broke. “It’s more important than ever to take action.”

The call to back out of the agreement, brokered in December 2015, was derided by former President Barack Obama, the United Nations and scores of other world leaders.

More celebrities chimed in with their two cents, as well.

“This is urgent. You have to vote in 2018,” John Legend said over Twitter.

“America First! Earth last!” tweeted Michael Moore, who called Trump’s decision “a crime against humanity.”

Chelsea Handler quipped: “I’m guessing that Donald Trump doesn’t see the irony in making his announcement to leave the Paris Agreement while standing in a garden.”

Read a few of the responses below.

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