Remember When Leonardo DiCaprio Was In That Cheesy Diet Cheese Ad?

We'll never let go of this adorable flashback. We'll never let go.

Before Leonardo DiCaprio stole teenage hearts in movies like “Romeo + Juliet” and “Titanic,” he was trying to steal something else: His television father’s gross-looking diet cheese.

The throwback ad for fat-free Kraft American cheese singles is making the internet rounds again, much to our Leo-loving hearts’ desire. It’s safe to say this “cheese product” was made with artificial ingredients, but our love of footage of young Leo is all too real.

The Oscar winner’s plea for a processed cheese slice is almost convincing, as is his TV mom’s reminder that they’re supposed to be saving it for his his figure-watching father.

“But ma, they make a good sandwich!” he cries.

Of course, since no one can say no to DiCaprio, the mom [SPOILER ALERT] eventually gives in and allows wee Leo all the fake cheese his heart could want.

Catch us watching this on repeat all day if you can.