Fan Latches Onto Leonardo DiCaprio Below The Belt, And It's Unbelievably Awkward

Sometimes you just need a hug. But not usually a hug like this.

Leonardo DiCaprio is probably well-accustomed to swarms of adoring fans waiting for him at every turn, but nothing could prepare him for this awkward moment on the red carpet at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. In the video above, DiCaprio is completely caught off guard as a fan named Vitalli Seduik breaks free from the crowd to latch onto DiCaprio's leg. After a few seconds of, um, weird, security breaks up the party and the man is whisked away. The actor appeared to be a good sport, laughing and smiling with an understandable "Did that just happen?" look on his face.

Yup. That just happened, Leo.

Turns out this isn't Seduik's first time getting physical with celebs. Most recently, he tried to take hold of Bradley Cooper at the SAG Awards. And back in May 2012, he tried (and failed) to steal a kiss from Will Smith.

Check out the awkward moment below:

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