Leonardo DiCaprio Says Marriage Will 'Happen When It's Gonna Happen'

Leonardo DiCaprio has developed a reputation as a modelizer over the years, as his love of leggy blondes has not gone unnoticed -- just ask Tina Fey.

But at the ripe old age of 39, the world, nay, the universe, is demanding answers to the question, "When the heck is Leo going to settle down and get married?" Actually, it's only Gayle King of "CBS This Morning" who admits she's really curious about the Oscar-nominated bachelor.

"Everybody wants you to get married. And by 'everybody,' I mean, me," King told DiCaprio on Thursday (Feb. 20). "When you're ready. Is it something you even envision for yourself? I've read different things about how you feel about it. I'm curious."

DiCaprio gave the only answer he possibly could: "The truth is, it's gonna happen when it's gonna happen. I'm just gonna let it happen naturally. I really am. That's the only way to do it, I feel. And when it's right, it's gonna be right."

We're not surprised by "The Wolf of Wall Street" star's answer since he was literally just questioned on the topic by "CBS Sunday Morning" correspondent Lee Cowan this past weekend.

"I think everybody, well, not everybody, but I think that, you know, eventually when the time is right, absolutely, yeah," he told Cowan, adding, "I've seen some interesting marriages and I've seen some not-interesting marriages."

What's most surprising in all of this is that CBS is officially the network most dedicated to whether or not DiCaprio plans to put a ring on someone someday -- we would have totally bet it was E!



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