Leonardo DiCaprio Taking A Selfie Is Beyond Entertaining

It's Leo. Come on.

Human Academy Award Leonardo DiCaprio is as close to a perfect specimen as we're going to get in our lifetime.

Because, amid a bevy of iconic roles and shelves full of awards, "The Revenant" actor is at heart a humanitarian, an environmentalist and an expert at hiding from his fans. He's also great at taking selfies. 

To prove it, here's a selfie the actor took in support of the recently-signed Paris Agreement (again, he's amazing). 

With that stare, we'd agree to anything. 

And though we're pretty sure DiCaprio hasn't taken a photo with a gigantic Twitter phone/mirror thing before, he seems really happy with how his selfie came out. 

Like, really happy. It's like he didn't even know that he was actually that handsome. 

Keep the selfies (and monkey photos) coming, Leo. 



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