Leonhard Euler, Mathematician, Is Remembered With A Google Doodle For 306th Birthday

Euler Gets Google Doodled

Monday is Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler's 306th birthday. Euler, a man with not one but two numbers named after him, is considered to be one of the greatest mathematicians of all time. So it only seems appropriate that Google would eventually do a Doodle for him.

Euler recognized his interest in math at an incredibly young age. He earned a master's degree by age 16, and had published a formal mathematical paper by 19. In addition to Euler's contributions to mathematics, he was also an accomplished physicist, studying mechanics and optics.

In its doodle, Google shows many of Euler's most famous findings, including Euler's formula for polyhedra and Euler's number. An unbelievably focused person with an amazing memory, it was said that Euler could recite the "Aeneid" word-for-word, and often did complicated calculations in his head. Euler was mostly blind by the age of 50, and went on to make some of his greatest mathematical discoveries. When Euler passed away at the age of 76, he had published more than 800 mathematical papers and books, leading many to refer to him as the "Mozart of Mathematics."

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