Mama Leopard Stops Traffic To Teach Her Mewling Cubs How To Cross The Road

It's not often you see a leopard move cubs this young.

Footage from South Africa shows a leopard giving her cubs one of the most important lessons in a busy national park: how to cross the road.

The clip shows the leopard stepping onto the road at Kruger National Park to ensure the scene was safe. Then, once she determined no threat, the big cat fetched her two cubs.

But one of the cubs needed a little more help than the other and cried out for its mother, as seen in the footage posted online by Latest Sightings.

“This was an extremely rare sighting, and you don’t often get to see a leopard mother relocate her cubs when they are still so young,” Thinus Delport, who filmed the scene, told Latest Sightings.

It’s so rare that Delport said he’s never seen it in more than 50 years of visiting the park.

“This just came to show that patience really does pay off,” he said.

Although the footage was posted last week, it’s not clear when it was filmed as the park has been closed to tourists due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“This video is in honor of all the animals that are locked up in cages when they should be in the wild,” Latest Sightings wrote in the description after a not-so-veiled reference to the caged cats of the Netflix series “Tiger King.”

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