Leapin’ Leopards! One Big Cat Startles Another At A Night Watering Hole

A motion-sensor camera captures a funny nocturnal moment in South Africa and the fur flies.

A little jumpy, are we?

A leopard drinking water at night leaped high into the air after it was frightened by another leopard in South Africa, recent video shows.

A motion-sensor camera captured the July 4 encounter at Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate reserve near Kruger National Park.

Plot twist: The leopard cubs are 11-month-old siblings, Gillian Leigh Soames, who lives at the reserve, told For the Win after she posted the footage.

“This pond is in our garden,” she said. “We have leopards here at least twice a week.”

(She said the animals cannot see the flashing lights seen in the video, which emanate from another infrared trail camera nearby.)

These big cats definitely have hops. Leopards can jump 10 feet in the air, according to Live Science.

The startled sibling certainly showed off its impressive vertical.

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