Watch A Playful Shark Bask In The Glory Of An Epic Belly Rub

Watch A Playful Shark Bask In The Glory Of An Epic Belly Rub

Think all sharks are just blood-hungry beasts?

Think again: This playful shark is straight-up lovable.

According to a translation of the above video's description, a diver was cleaning a tank at the Aquarium des Lagons in Noumea, New Caledonia, when a shark swam up.

The shark in the video appears to be a zebra shark, which are generally harmless to humans when in the wild, according to the Florida Museum of Natural History.

The diver, likely familiar with the pelagic pal, immediately stopped the task at hand because, obviously, play sessions and belly rubs are infinitely more important than cleanliness.

The video may actually show a trance-like state shark researchers refer to as tonic immobility. They have been known to bring sharks into this state for investigative purposes by gently flipping the shark belly-up or, according to conservation group Shark Trust, strategically placing their hands near the shark's snout.

Tonic immobility or not, this shark certainly appears to be enchanted by pure belly-rubbin' pleasure.

Correction: This story was updated to clarify the species of shark seen in the video.

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