Here Are 9 Leprechaun Facts To Go With Your 9 Shots Of Jameson

Leprechauns actually wore red until the 20th century.

Gnomes and elves have reason to be green with envy when St. Patrick's Day rolls around. Leprechauns get all the attention.

These little magical creatures are associated with Ireland, but over the years, there have been sightings in Holland and England, though the names are sometimes different.

In The Netherlands, they're referred to as "kabouters," and on the Isle of Man they're"fenodyree," according to

Here's some more leprechaun lore:

Leprechaun tales date back to medieval times. The earliest story is about how the King of Ulster once fell asleep on the beach and wakes to find himself being dragged into the sea by three of the creatures. He captures his abductors, who grant him three wishes in exchange for release.
Prior to the 20th century, leprechauns were depicted wearing red, not green.
Leprechaun As A Living
The average leprechaun is about three feet high, so portraying a leprechaun can bring lots of green to little people like Brian Thomas, who is the full-time spokes-leprechaun for O'Sheas Casino in Las Vegas (pictured here with Holly Madison and an unidentifed non-leprechaun).
Lucky, The Lucky Charms Leprechaun
Jamie McCarthy via Getty Images
The most famous leprechaun might be Lucky, the mascot of Lucky Charms cereal. He has appeared in commercials since 1963.
Leprechauns And Liquor
Leprechauns are allegedly excellent musicians and known for throwing wild parties where hundreds get together to dance, sing and drink a form of moonshine called Poteen.
Leprechaun's Pot Of Gold
According to legend, leprechauns store their money in a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If ever captured by a human, the leprechaun has the magical power to grant three wishes in exchange for his release.
No Female Leprechauns
An ancient book called "A History Of Irish Fairies" reveals there is no evidence of there being a female leprechaun -- ever. Probably explains why this guy is so angry.
Leprechauns Are Protected By Law
Leprechauns are actually protected from destruction under European law. The Sliabh Foy Loop trail in the town of Carlingford, Ireland, is the official protected land for the country’s 236 remaining living leprechauns.
Catching A Leprechaun
If you manage to catch a leprechaun, never take your eye off him or he will vanish. For its freedom, a captured leprechaun will grant you three wishes or a gold coin. However, there are stories of people whose wishes backfired or who went insane trying to decide how to best use their three wishes.