Leroy Fick, Millionaire Lottery Winner, Still Using Food Stamps (VIDEO)

WATCH: Lottery Winner Uses Food Stamps

Leroy Fick, a Michigan man who won $2 million in the state's lottery, has sparked outrage after he admitted earlier this week that he still uses food stamps.

Fick, 59, won $2 million last year on "Make Me Rich!," a Michigan lottery television show. He drives an Audi convertible but still uses the Michigan Bridge Card, an electronic food stamps card.

WNEM-TV broke the story when reporter Bill Walsh confronted Fick at his home. In the video, Fick says, "I think it's fair because of the way they took the taxes."

The Michigan Department of Human Services said that Fick's lump-sum payment does not count as income so he is still able to collect benefits.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Michigan lawmakers are working quickly to revise the rules so Fick will no longer be able to use food stamps.

Watch the awkward confrontation and then let us know what you think in the comments below.

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