'Carry On': Leroy Sutton And Dartanyon Crockett, Athletes With Disabilities, Overcome Obstacles

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Two athletes, whose friendship inspired thousands when ESPN first brought it to light in 2009, continue to move us with their incredible stories of overcoming hardship.

Leroy Sutton and Dartanyon Crockett, both Ohio natives, have already experienced more than their share of trials in their young lives.

Sutton comes from a broken home and became a double amputee at age 11, when a train accident claimed both of his legs. Crockett spent much of his youth homeless and was born with a disease that has left him legally blind.

In 2008, the boys met on the wrestling team at Cleveland's Lincoln-West High School and formed a bond that caught the attention of reporter Lisa Fenn, who helped produce ESPN's first feature on the boys entitled 'Carry On.' She later became the supporter who would change their lives.

“I know Lisa from her time at ESPN, and I knew she had remained in contact with Leroy and Dartanyon after the story aired back in 2009,” Jose Morales, producer of ESPN's new feature, told the Beverly Citizen. “But once I fully understood the depth of their relationship, I felt their journey was worth a follow-up story.”

When ESPN caught up with the boys for the second time this month, the network found that their heartbreaking stories have turned into remarkable tales of triumph.

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