Lesbian Penguins Living Happily At Ramat Gan Zoological Center, Israeli Zoo

In 2011, the love story of gay penguins Buddy and Pedro warmed our cold hearts -- and it looks like the queer animal kingdom is emerging to bring us hope of true love once again.

Up until recently, zookeepers at Ramat Gan Zoological Center in Israel incorrectly assumed that Chupchikoni (whose name is reportedly Hebrew slang for penis) and Suki, two penguins living as a couple, were respectively male and female.

With penguins mating for life, the lesbian nature of the pair's relationship wasn't discovered until the pair had their blood tested for another purpose.

Caretakers for the animals assured naysayers that the happy couple did not choose one another for lack of options. "There are a few young available males in the exhibit," Tamuz Setti, head of the Safari Avian Department, told reporters. "We are certain that they made a choice to be together."

With same-sex behavior observed in over 1,500 animal species, this certainly isn't the first fair of biologically female penguins to start a life together.

But that doesn't make it any less adorable!



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