Kriss Marr Proposes To Girlfriend Lauren-Joy Goss Through Surprise Musical

It's not often that we see viral wedding proposal videos between two queer women -- and this one certainly takes the cake.

In this lengthy video, Kriss Marr proposes to her girlfriend Lauren-Joy Grace through an unexpected and elaborate musical about their relationship performed by the pair's friends. A lot of time and effort clearly went into the proposal, and the look on Goss' face when she comes on stage at the end is priceless.

Goss recently blogged for HuffPost about her experiences growing up in a conservative family, the proposal itself and how the pair shared the news.

"Over the next few days after the engagement, we talked about how we were going to reveal the news," Goss wrote. "We would basically be coming out for the second time. So, with Kriss by my side, I typed up an announcement stating I was getting married... to another woman... I'm gay. I posted it on Facebook and prepared for the worst. To both of our astonishments, we received message after message after message congratulating us and commending us on being so brave."

Check out the incredible video above.



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