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What You Always Wanted To Know About Scissoring, But Were Too Afraid To Ask (NSFW)


Scissoring: It's the lesbian sex position de rigueur. But what exactly is it?

Riese Bernard, the co-founder and CEO of Autostraddle, a girl-on-girl news and culture website, told HuffPost Live's Josh Zepps on Thursday that while there are many different interpretations for scissoring, it "definitely has to be genital-on-genital contact, whatever that entails."

"But I think that the purest form of scissoring is that scissoring is a certain position, like a subset of the whole realm of dry humping," she said.

Last year, Autostraddle released a survey that found scissoring was a regular part of nearly 40 percent of respondents' sex lives.

A more recent article summed up how the site's readers feel about the lesbian sex position, and those responses ranged from "Scissoring is my favorite sexual act, which means I must not really exist," to “I scissor therefore I am not,” and even to, "SCISSORING IS TOO MUCH EFFORT."

Bernard said scissoring has essentially become a "running joke," perhaps since it was popularized on TV shows like "South Park" and "Glee." But even though lesbians are hyper-aware of how girl-on-girl sex is portrayed in mainstream porn, talking about scissoring is typically accepted culturally.

"People talk about it a lot because the word scissoring is not that dirty," Bernard said. "It's like one of the only lesbian sex acts you can talk about without having to say a word that might be inappropriate."

Watch the video above to learn more about the ins and outs of lesbian sex.

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