A chat about a part of the community that often isn't discussed.

A groundbreaking new video is taking a look at an often overlooked portion of the queer community: lesbian and queer-identifying woman who get off sexually by only pleasuring other woman.

From queer vlogger Arielle Scarcella comes "Lesbians Explain: Dating Touch Me Nots," a conversation with a few women who have either dated or hooked up with women who experience only this realm of sexual pleasure. The three women in the video have a diverse array of opinions and experiences, and Scarcella says we can expect a video featuring "Touch Me Nots" themselves shortly.

"Many women just enjoy giving and not receiving and can orgasm just from pleasuring another woman," Scarcella told The Huffington Post. "I wanted to interview the girls who have dated them to see what their experience with 'touch me nots' were. People should take away that not all women who only want to give were molested or have body image issues. Also, it doesn't make you any less or more gay for your sexual preference in expression."

You can see the video for yourself above, or head here to check out more from Scarcella.

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