McDonald's Musical Ad Targets Hispanics With Princess Of Bachata




McDonald's is putting on a showstopper to lure Hispanic customers into lovin' it.

In a new ad for Spanish-language television, Leslie Grace, a Dominican-American singer known as the Princess of Bachata, headlines a Broadway-style musical number with lots of razzle-dazzle, but not a lot of food.

Grace hangs out at McD's with a case of writer's block as the spot begins, when an employee (played by the video's director and choreographer, Daniel Campos) encourages her to look around for inspiration. It goes full-Broadway from there. Grace sings and dances her way through a tweaked version of her song "Solita Me Voy." 

McDonald's has a reputation for multicultural commercials. In 2014, the restaurant chain won Marketer of the Year award from the The Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies.

But this might be McDonald's happiest meal yet.


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