This is where we have been headed for almost eight years and you have the GOP to thank for all of this.

From day one of the Obama administration, Mitch McConnell and his "patriotic" country of old white men (with the exception of John Boehner) gathered together like a meeting of the Dons and made it their one single purpose to block anything that our new president was going to try to do by any means necessary.

Do you not remember during a speech to Congress when Joe Wilson of South Carolina yelled out "you lie?" Has any other president in U.S. history ever been treated like that? Racist? You tell me.

That was the GOP made visible. Using your middle finger you can trace from that point until it is pointing directly at Trump.

For almost 8 years the GOPhuck yourself congress has deliberately and systematically fought to prevent any major social changes and yet Obamacare and same sex marriage is one outstanding legacy wouldn't you say?

To me the executives who overcharge for Epi-Pens and any single GOP senator who mangled Obamacare are made out of the same cheap swath of cheese cloth.

And how many children alone have been slaughtered like pigs by automatic gunfire during the last 7 plus years? And what did your GOPhuck yourself congress do?

Absolutely nothing.

The GOP has given America, potential terrorists and the insane a license to kill. And what is the effect?

Do you not remember when Sarah Palin published an ad that featured pictures of U.S. senators with targets superimposed over their faces? It was called "The Hit List" and under the pictures it said, "Don't retreat. Re-load."

Included in that shooting gallery was Gabby Giffords.

During the GOPhuck yourself debates Carly Fiorina inflamed her base by citing a fake film on Planned Parenthood that purportedly showed executives selling "baby parts."

And in a matter of days a lunatic shot up a Colorado Planned Parenthood using her language.

At this point, especially after reading Trump Revealed by Washington Post investigative reporters, I have had enough.

If that blithering idiot appears on the screen, I now mute the TV.

A year or so ago Trump seemed like a charming buffoon that no one took seriously. But now he has lead his Confederacy of Donces to the well of do anything, say anything you want and America is now on fire.

We all know he's using the Hitler playbook. Spread the big lie, blame one single minority (or two) for all of your problems and eliminate them at any cost.

Make GermanyAmerica great again.

This from a man who years ago was sued by the city of New York in the single biggest racial bias case in history for refusing to rent apartments to African Americans. (He was scared to rent to blacks in fear of being shot. This from an NRA supporter).

And this is who just yesterday called Hillary Clinton a "bigot."

Which brings me to Leslie Jones, who I happen to adore.

First she was online attacked for her role in "Ghostbusters" and now her personal pictures and even her driver's license has been hacked. And why is this happening?

Because it is now officially open season for all the unfair and unbalanced disgruntled moron hunters of America who have been given permission by their idiot king candidate to do whatever they want, say whatever they want, without any fear of any kind of reprisal.

A soccer player calls her opponents cowards and she is publicly rebuked and treated like a pariah. But if someone in Trump World, say, Scott Baio, throws up a picture of Hillary Clinton with the word "COUNTRY" partially blocked behind her so it looks like it says, "C*NT) that's fair game.

If someone is told that the Second Amendment gives them a right to shoot Hillary if they don't like her picks for the Supreme Court, hey that's cool.

And if someone humiliates Leslie Jones, they should just play nice and make sure that they're home for dinner.

Well I think It's time for all of us who are empathetic, civil, decent, educated and have all our teeth, to take back the America that we cherish.

It is time to shut the goddamn news outlets OFF because the truth is they are part of the problem as well. Every few seconds the next FRANTIC BREAKING NEWS story appears that is not news at all.

Les Moonves said that Trump is bad for the country but he is terrific for CBS.

And there it is. Right there.

We've willingly turned hate and racism into the next big hit, money making Honey Boo Boo quality reality show.

And who is behind it all?

The thug pretender who wants to The Appresident. The Commander and Mischief.

You can stop this. Right now.

Looking away and pretending it's not there, while peeking through the drapes, doesn't stop Kitty Genovese from getting butchered.

Get angry god damn it.

Re-dignify America. Now.

And leave Leslie Jones the hell alone.