Leslie Jones Has Officially Won 2016, And The Year Isn’t Even Over Yet

We are not worthy 🙌

You may have heard of comedian Leslie Jones, who just so happens to also be a woman.

You know, the “Saturday Night Live”-slayer.


And an all-around women empowerment warrior.


She’s been in quite a few movies, including Amy Schumer’s “Trainwreck.” 

But she really broke out this year thanks to her role in the all-female reboot of “Ghostbusters,” in which she plays the hilarious MTA worker Patty, who uses her invaluable knowledge of NYC to help the team. 

She quickly became a fan-favorite because of her on- and off-screen friendship with Kate McKinnon. 

The two redefined friendship goals.

And are just genuinely hilarious and adorable together.

Jones also managed to use her “Ghostbusters” co-stars to her advantage to avoid getting slimed.

And tried to be the voice of reason for the rambunctious group.

Still, she refused to pick favorites, despite McKinnon’s goading. 

And she wasn’t afraid to say what we were all thinking when the studio refused to publicly acknowledge McKinnon’s character’s sexuality. 

She also redefined the #IWokeUpLikeThis game, after showing us that it’s not all that glamorous at 8 a.m., even for movie stars.

But boy, does she clean up nicely.

She handled racist Twitter trolls like a pro, calling them out after they attacked her online and caused her to temporarily leave the social media site.

But Leslie couldn’t stay away for long, due to her love of “Game of Thrones.”

She really, really loves “Game of Thrones.”

She used the entire situation as a lesson, for both herself and her fans.

Including the young fan that sent her this adorable letter. 

Leslie is also a huge Olympics fan, and began live-tweeting the games in Rio when they began.

And people went absolutely mad for it. 

NBC couldn’t even deny how much they loved Leslie’s tweets, so they invited her to Rio to be a commentator.

She will breathe new life into the Olympics with her contagious smile and incredible passion for the USA.

We can’t wait to see where 2016 will take you next, Leslie.



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