Leslie Jones Reveals She ‘Threw Up In My Mouth’ During Bloody ‘SNL’ Sketch

The comedian said the gross-out skit starring James Franco “traumatized” her.


One skit on this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” was truly a gag.

The sketch on the late-night comedy show featured guest host James Franco as a holiday gift wrapper at Bloomingdale’s who gets a paper cut that grows bloodier as the scene progresses. The joke hits maximum gross-out when Franco, attempting to suppress his hemorrhaging by sucking on his finger, spits blood into cast member Leslie Jones’ mouth.

The moment is heave-worthy, but Jones’ response is hilarious.

Jones said in a video posted to her Instagram account that her reaction was more sincere than intentionally silly. The short clip shows a satisfied-looking Franco asking Jones what happened in the sketch.

“You fucking traumatized me,” she says. “Blood went in my mouth and then I threw up in my mouth, and I had to swallow it so I wouldn’t throw up on national fucking live TV.”

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To which Franco responds:

“My favorite, my favorite sketch ever.”