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Leslie Knope's House From 'Parks And Recreation' Isn't Really Filled With Birdhouses And Crafts (PHOTO)

The first time we really got a look at character Leslie Knope's life is when her house was featured on a "Parks and Recreation" episode appropriately titled "Leslie's House." And what we saw on the show was a quirky, birdhouse-hoarding, craft-making, site of hilarious dinner parties abode. But in real life, the home is actually quite amazing.

According to Lindsay Blake of "I'm Not A Stalker," the home was built in 1916 and has four bedrooms and two baths. It looks like the interior was actually used in the episode as well with a few minor changes, such as the addition of bathroom curtains, white (possibly painted) kitchen appliances and, of course, an address change from 2358 to 35. The home's landscaping also is much more fuller than we see on the show.

Since then, Leslie and Ben have moved into a new home together, but today we're honoring Leslie's "single lady" days. Here's to Leslie Knope and the real person who brings her to life, Amy Poehler, who turns 42 today. Happy Birthday, Amy! Head over to "I'm Not A Stalker" for more information on the house. And be sure to head over to Home Shoot Home to see shots of the interior.

We love Amy!

Amy Poehler!

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