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Here's What Happened When Judd Apatow Used Leslie Mann's Shampoo


Men and women each have products the other wants to borrow, and contrary to, er, some beliefs, a man won't start menstruating if he uses women's shampoo.

However, there are some products that just shouldn't be shared.

According to an interview with Leslie Mann in Redbook's November issue, husband Judd Apatow learned that the hard way after getting his hands on her shampoo stash. Apatow got more than he bargained for after a few washes of color-specific shampoo. Mann explained:

“Once, he began using my purple-tinted shampoo not knowing it’s meant for blondes, and it turned his hair this weird color. He didn’t understand what was happening.”

Consider this a beauty school 101 lesson, Judd. Next time you reach for your wife's products, at least check the label first.

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