Leslie Mann: 'Megan Fox Has Better Boobs Than I've Ever Seen In My Life' (PHOTO)

You can add Leslie Mann to the list of Megan Fox admirers.

The hilarious actress, 40, got to cop a feel of Fox's breasts for their new movie "This Is 40," and she can't stop raving about the experience.

"Megan just has great boobs," Mann told Yahoo! Movies in a recent interview. "Better boobs than I've ever seen in my life."

Mann reprises her "Knocked Up" role as boutique shop owner Debbie in the new comedy, directed by her husband Judd Apatow and co-starring Paul Rudd. Fox, 26, plays Debbie's employee Desi, who shows off her cleavage in a hot pink bra in the pivotal scene.

As she grabs her chest, Debbie asks Desi, "Are those real?"

"Yeah, I'm just young," Desi nonchalantly replies.

"I don't think anyone was nervous. I just wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible because I felt very protective of her," Mann told MTV of shooting the up-close-and-personal scene with Fox. "There were a lot of people around, a lot of boys around -- probably dirty boys with dirty thoughts."

Even Apatow confessed that filming the moment between Fox and his wife was awkward.

"I get so uncomfortable with even partial nudity in movies. I'll do one or two takes, and feel weird," Apatow told Yahoo! Movies. "Megan is a beautiful woman, but she literally changes the temperature of a room when she walks in."



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