Coodo Modular Units Could Be The Answer To Your Stressful Life (PHOTOS)

Could This Home Be The Answer To Less Stress?

The answer to a less stressful life could be found in Coodo, a series of modular units that were designed to bring you back in touch with nature.

According to the website, a luxury Coodo gives you all the comforts of a regular home but with none of the stress of let's say, an expensive mortgage. Ideally, the Coodo is meant for trips to the country, when you need to get out of the city to unwind. Because it's mobile you can take it anywhere. It's clear structure allows you to see what's going on in the world around you. Let's face it, seeing two deer in the woods is probably more relaxing than watching a cab fight go down.

The Coodo can be customized to your preference -- you can get a decked out version or just a simple pergola for a day trip somewhere. You can even choose the color and texture for your unit.

Scroll through the photos below and head over to the website to find out more.



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