Lessons for Spiritual Development Learned From the Olympics

As the Olympic flame burns in Sochi Russia we can take some notes for our spiritual development. The fear of failure has been conquered. The competitors not only fly through the air recording breaking speeds and hurl their bodies performing dangerous feats causing me to gasp for breath, but these young men and women teach us so many valuable lessons. Courage, bravery and heroism come to mind for starters.

We applaud them not only for their medals won, but also laud their journeys of just "getting there." The obstacles overcome, the discipline involved and the absolute dedication go against what most people would consider "normal."

I think that sometimes we fail far more often by NOT trying, letting our timidity drive our decisions. We are afraid to be "different," go against the grain, make waves or swim upstream. We need to remember secret number five, "Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment." Often times we are afraid to fail, not meeting our own or other's expectation. We protect ourselves from feeling guilty that we let someone down failing to meet the norm or standard.

Let's change our mindset to seeing so called "missteps" as stepping stones. See those "failures" as knots in a rope helping you to climb to the top of your game. Get into the "habit" of seeing failure as a learning tool. We are here in this School of Life and we can learn a great deal from our lesson of "failure".

Remember those talented athletes fell a few times before they mastered the sport!

Being over cautious is a greater risk than never "giving it a go"!
Go ahead, "SOAR"...

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