14 Things Divorcés Don't Regret About Their Marriages

If you're divorced, you very likely have a laundry list of regrets about your marriage.

And while reflecting on past mistakes is a worthwhile exercise (after all, those who can't remember their rocky relationship past are doomed to repeat it), it's just as important to pause and reflect on what was good about the marriage.

With that in mind, we asked HuffPost Divorce readers to share the one thing they don't regret about their lives with their exes. See what they had to say below.

1. "I don't regret a single thing. My marriage and the divorce that followed taught me so much about myself that I'm actually thankful to have lived through it. I just wish it would have ended under different circumstances."

2. "One thing I don't regret? The feeling I had every time I looked at her. It was like my soul was flying high just because of the love I felt for her."

3. "Our son, of course. I don't regret having loved my ex, either. He was my first love and there is no changing that."

4. "I don't regret being in love with her because I was happy and that was rare for me. I do regret that it ended poorly and that was my fault. I made up for it and I don't regret that but I will never be the same. I have learned that love is precious and should be handled with great care. Love is never guaranteed -- you must be worthy of it. I won't forget that hard-won lesson."

6. "Even though my ex and I couldn't make it work, he taught me about family and how important it is to never settle. In the end, I learned that even though he was good for me, that didn't mean he was right for me."

7. "The obvious answer? It was worth it for the kids. But to be honest, I don't even regret the time before the kids. The time when we were young and crazy about each other. After all, that feeling led us to having our kids."

8. "My kids. They are my life and I wouldn't change a single thing about my marriage because they came out of it."

9. "I don't regret how we ended it. My ex and I aren't quite friendly (I think we could be eventually) but we do get along much better than many of our friends do with their exes. My boyfriend and my ex have met and when he has a long-term girlfriend, I hope to meet her as well. While we don't, or haven't, spent a holiday together, we do support our son and share meals together on occasion. It might take some adjusting but it is possible to have this kind of relationship with your ex-spouse, even if you do have new significant others."

10. "I spent 15 years with an amazing man that I am fortunate enough to share two beautiful children with. I loved, I lost and I've learned."

11. "I don't regret who I chose to marry. I have two kids with a guy who is a dedicated non-deadbeat parent. My ex loves his kids and always does what's best for them, which is more than I can say for many of the men my friends are married to."

12. "The example we set for our child while we were married. My son learned what a real relationship should be."

13. "The way I see it, my ex-husband taught me that I deserved better -- and the time I spent with him allowed me time to find my current husband."

14. "That for one brief shining moment I was deeply in love and was loved deeply. It was a time when our lives (and our sex lives!) were youthful and glorious and all things seemed possible. I am happy to have had that profound life experience."

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