11 Timeless Lessons From Fabulous New Year's Eve Celebrations Of Generations Past (PHOTOS)

This year, we're making our resolution to live with a little more style, taking cues from timeless lessons from generations past. Why not start with New Year's Eve? These vintage photos show the wilder celebrations of days gone by, which seem a little more sophisticated thanks to the wonders of black and white film, along with smarter wardrobe choices. Here's what we can learn from the days of our grandparents and great-grandparents. Cheers!

A Party Isn't A Party If The Photo Comes Out Nicely
Take note of the Charlie Chaplin lookalike on the left and what appears to be a bongo drum mid-throw in the background.
Go Easy On The Decorations
Or else you'll still be pulling tinsel from your rug come Valentine's Day.
Sometimes You Have To Get Creative With Your Entertainment
That child looks just so pleased to have received an extreme makeover by a group of flappers.
Remember Your ABD's...
Always. Be. Drinking.
DO: Have A Designated Driver. DON'T: Hang Out The Roof.
Behold, the woo girls of the 1930s!
Leave The Kids At Home
They don't need to see Aunt Deb passed out on the sofa.
Always Check Who Is Behind That Mask Before You Kiss
Unless it's your annual "Eyes Wide Shut" party.
Show A Little Leg
Why not?
Kissing Is A Great Way To Stay Warm
Though a stylish coat also helps.
Dance Like No One Is Watching, Because Everyone's Too Drunk To Care
Let's also bring back amateur chorus lines. Leg up!
Don't Drink Champagne Out Of Ladies' Shoes
We were surprised to know that someone, at some point, actually did this. (And they weren't a pervy wolf in a '40s-'50s cartoon.)
Vintage Fashion Moments