11 Lessons From Real-Life Closets (PHOTOS)

Bedroom closets are (and forever will be) one of those things that you don't sincerely appreciate until you find yourself stuck in a borderline cupboard with barely any room to lay your head much less your shoes. When you do seek out enlightening solutions to expand or improve upon the um, situation, you find yourself longingly staring at closets that are large enough to fit your entire apartment, spaces that look like high-end boutiques and everything else that ends up on the Pinterest results for "closet inspiration."

So instead of looking at the dream, it's time to focus on the practical side of the story. And from fabulous accents to smart storage, these real-life spaces know how to actually make the most of your closet space.

1. Designate a spot for the week's outfits... or at least what you're planning on wearing tomorrow.

2. Remove your closet doors and opt for curtain alternatives to really open things up.

3. Transform it into a work station or home office.

4. Utilize slim, matching hangers and keep your pieces facing the same way. (It makes everything more cohesive, contained and consistently organized.)

5. Ditch the over-the-door shoe racks (whose heels ever fit in those things, anyway?) for a small unit with built-in shoe shelves and room for accessories.

6. Don't be afraid to color-code...

7. ...or at least organize by size.

8. And don't be afraid to create something out of nothing if you're lacking in the closet department -- a coat rack, a bellhop cart or added shelves are great ways to do it.

9. Add fabulous accents like stylish boxes or a patterned rug to make it your own.

10. Use a bright pop of color or bold wallpaper to bring life to the space.

11. Make the most of every inch by incorporating shelving -- even if it's tucked away in the corner or on a bare wall in the back.

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