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Lessons From Seychelles

Although, Seychelles is a natural beauty and a paradise of a sort, it is yet to be explored to its full potential for the growth and benefit of all people.
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When one thinks of an unending ocean, vast skies, wild birds, sultry forests, fresh fruits, pristine beaches, picturesque sunsets, quaint towns and a world untouched by modernity, Seychelles comes to mind.

The climate of Seychelles is tropical, and temperatures rarely rise above 29 degrees Celsius. The cosmopolitan has a blend of different races, cultures, religions and with time they have brought in and created their distinct traditions. People of Seychelles like any other measure social status through economic achievement and material possessions. Even today, light skin remains a status feature because traditionally authority was vested in the hands of the lighter skin tone.

Seychelles is a matriarchal society where women dress as they please, are the primary bread winners, run businesses and actively participate in government decision making. Tourism is the most important sector of Seychelles' economy. One of the major challenges for this small eastern African country is to bring sustainable growth while protecting the environment and integrating the locals in the economy.

Although, Seychelles is a natural beauty and a paradise of a sort, it is yet to be explored to its full potential for the growth and benefit of all people. Currently the country is on the IMF support plan. Even though the conversion rate sounds decent, its purchasing power is poor. Basic items are outrageously expensive, interest rates are at their lowest, tourism is the most profitable money generating industry and major multinationals like Starbucks, McDonalds, Burger King and luxury brands like Chanel, Prada, Gucci are absent from the general market. Presently, the government of Seychelles is considering other structural reforms like overhauling the tax system, reorganizing of state enterprises, and deregulating the finance and communications sectors to further boost the economy.

Still, the world of Seychelles is like none other. It is peaceful and playful at the same time. Here mornings are special and the evenings are spectacular. Everyone is doing their own thing at their own pace, and in their own style, which includes the Creole folks, tourists, wild waves, silly birds and buzzing bees.

The waves on the beach were my personal favorite. They made me realize that I can be gentle or forceful as required and remain classy until eternity. It also made me ponder how insignificant my existence is, and that I can be washed away like a twig from a tree in a flash of a second. The waves and salty water of the beach also made me recognize the countless dollars, rupees, dirhams that I foolishly spent on spas. To me Seychelles is a giant spa created for all humanity to de-stress for free.

Here nature speaks to all those who are ready to listen. It appeals us to live freely and go with the flow of life, with no inhibitions, worries or fears. As all will be taken care off, as it always has been the case. The sunrise, sunsets, the coming of the waves, the showing up of stars night after night keep imparting the same lesson that tomorrow is another day to strive for, and live completely. The nature here beckons us to fully explore our potential without second thoughts or doubts, as we live only once, and we should do what we are meant to do, and do it with all our heart.

Life here is a treat for all the Instagram junkies. Every minute is worth a capture. The sky has many moods, and so does the ocean. Nature here comes up with such an unseen code of colors that you start to believe more in a higher power above. Hence it comes as no surprise that Sesel (Seychelles) is not only a treat for love birds or family reunions but just for people who are looking to understand life or simply to "Peace it".