Lessons Learned in Digital Health

This post is part of our series on the National Science Foundation I-Corps Lean LaunchPad class in Life Science and Health Care at UCSF.

Part 1: issues in the therapeutics drug discovery pipeline
Part 2: medical devices and digital health
Part 3: described what we're going to do about it
Part 4: This Will Save us Years - Customer Discovery in Medical Devices
Part 5: Value proposition and customer segments in Life Sciences
Part 6: Distribution channels in Life Sciences
Part 7: Revenue Streams in Life Sciences
Part 8: When Customers Make You Smarter -Customer Discovery in Digital Health
Part 9: We've seen the Future of Translational Medicine and it's Disruptive

Our Lean LaunchPad for Life Science class talked to 2,355 customers, tested 947 hypotheses and invalidated 423 of them. They had 1,145 engagements with instructors and mentors. (We kept track of all this data by instrumenting the teams with LaunchPad Central software.)

This post is one of a series of the "Lessons Learned" presentations and videos from our class.
Sometimes a startup results from a technical innovation. Or from a change in regulation, declining costs, changes in consumers' needs or an insight about customer needs. ResultCare, one of the 26 teams in the class started when a resident in clinical medicine at UCSF watched her mother die of breast cancer and her husband get critically injured.

The team members are:

Abhas Gupta was the Digital Health cohort instructor. Richard Caro was their mentor.

ResultCare is a mobile app that helps physicians take the guesswork out of medicine. It enables physicians to practice precision medicine while reducing costs.


Here's ResultCare's 2-minute video summary

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Watch their Lesson Learned presentation below. The first few minutes of the talk is quite personal and describes the experiences that motivated Dr. Geere to address this problem.

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The ResultCare presentation slides are below.

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