Lester Holt Explains Where Brian Williams Is, As If Everyone Doesn't Already Know

Lester Holt took a minute during NBC's "Nightly News" on Monday night to explain to viewers why the show's regular anchor, Brian Williams, wasn't on the air.

Williams announced on Saturday that he would take a short leave of absence after a story he told about being in a helicopter that was brought down by RPG fire turned out to be fabricated.

Watch Holt address the situation below:

“We want to take just a moment to tell you where Brian is tonight. In a message to his colleagues over the weekend, Brian told us he’s taking several days off this broadcast amid questions over how he recalls certain stories he covered. In a career spent covering the news, Brian told us it’s clear he’s become too much a part of the news. He’ll be off while this issue is dealt with.”

Since the story broke last Wednesday, Williams has become the hottest topic in media news. So while Monday was only Holt's first day taking over for Williams, it's safe to say most viewers already knew exactly where the "Nightly News" host was.