Let Girls Lead Video Contest: Estrella Marisol Hernandez

Estrella Marisol Hernandez, 17 -- Jutiapa, Honduras

Knowledge is power! In this video submission from Honduras, Estrella shares her story of personal change. While learning about her rights, Estrella felt more empowered to lead change and started to organize her community. As a community entrepreneur, Estrella teaches other girls how to start their own small businesses. She is also a youth trainer who builds awareness about the importance of girls' rights and the need to support both boys and girls in her community to develop the tools they need to be successful.

Estrella's Story: Hi! My name is Estrella Marisol Hernandez and I'd like to tell you about the change that has happened in my life, as a result of learning about my rights and organizing around them. I have had an awakening after gaining so much knowledge. Along with being a leader in my community I also have a beautiful family. I can express myself freely with them and talk about important issues. I can be myself without any discrimination and I respect each individual's values. Now in my community I am a leader able to guide and train young people about entrepreneurship. Thanks to this work we have a small business making bread, where we generate our own money and resources. I am also a youth facilitator and I convey my knowledge to young men and women so that they can benefit from it and have their own successes. Greetings from Jutiapa, Atlantida, Honduras to the world.

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Let Girls Lead's Global Girls' Conversation video contest highlights girls' power to create change by sharing their own solutions through short videos. The video contest is an exciting opportunity for girls, organizations working with girls and girls' allies to submit one to two-minute videos capturing girls' solutions and successes. In partnership with The Huffington Post, Let Girls Lead will feature these compelling videos on the Global Girls' Conversation interactive platform and on The Huffington Post's Global Motherhood column, sharing girls' power to lead change with a global audience. Contest winners will receive $10,000 in cash, equipment, and training to create their own short films. For more information, please visit here.