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Let Go of Clutter and Make Space

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Your stuff tells a story. If you don't like the story you can change it. My story was filled with layers of incomplete and unfinished things. Things I started and stopped. Things that sat on shelves and collected dust, literally and figuratively. These were constant reminders of what I wasn't doing and who I wasn't Being.

My life was crammed with books that tugged at my heart and I never read. Journals I never wrote in. Accounts I never closed. Clothes I never wore. Phone calls I never made. Projects I never finished. And waiting. Lots of waiting...

Things were everywhere yet with no real place for them to be because I had too much surrounding me. I was covered in layers of clutter. This was my story. It was a story of being filled with clutter and of not finishing things.

I had things and stuff, yet none of it brought me peace or joy. I felt full all the time because energetically, I carried this clutter with me wherever I went.

You carry your clutter with you, wherever you go.

I carried the story with me as well. The story and the feeling of being full AND incomplete at the same time. I was stuffed and full up on life nutrients - empty calories - that did not sustain me. It wasn't until I decided to really tackle my clutter that things changed for me. Later on, I became so committed to this process that I became the professional organizer and life coach I am today, but that's another story.

My experience and that of countless clients has shown time and again that...

Clutter weighs you down and makes you feel sluggish.

In the culture we live in, the need for fullness and excess is something that easily permeates our lives. More, more, more appears to be better, better, better and we can hardly stand to feel empty space.

You may be someone who is used to being full. In other words, someone who isn't comfortable with the feeling of space or room to breathe.

But maybe...layers, fullness and clutter aren't YOU anymore...


Here's where you can change your story.

What would happen if you chose to let the clutter go and live without those layers?
What would happen if you chose to experience the delightful relief of feeling s p a c e?

What would this space look and feel like?

  • Flashes of insight and inspiration will come!
  • Quantum leaps of creativity will course through you!
  • Unbalanced habits can naturally improve.
  • Your direction becomes more palpable.
  • Instead of feeling sluggish, drained and weighed down, you'll feel refreshed energized and full of vitality!
  • Instead of confused and stuckness, you'll feel uncluttered, light and free!

How can you change your story of clutter and fullness? Simple. By making space and deciding to finally get organized.

Make space.

What are you making space for?

You are making space for YOU... Making room for the intentions, desires, dreams, changes, fun, creativity, quality time, health, friends, love, abundance or whatever you crave to exist in your life. By uncluttering, you make space for ALL of it. This is the kind of fullness you want!

Know that at first, the feeling of getting uncluttered and organized and the experience of having space in your life may feel odd to you. This is absolutely normal because after all, you've been used to living with clutter. It's like buying shoes that actually fit after years of wearing ones your toes are crammed into.

After embracing this process of letting go, things will begin to settle little by little into a new paradigm of living.

This is where you will start to see and feel the relief of being uncluttered. This will be your new normal.

Get uncluttered, make space, and watch things unfold. It will shift things in your life tremendously, because space allows, it breathes. Space begets more flow and ease and these are the gems of intentional living.


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