Let Go of the Hustle and Flow with Effortless Ease

Have you ever contemplated why you are so compelled to achieve success through long hours and the sacrifice of time that could be spent leveraging your natural intelligence that is your birthright? It is probably the best kept secret in the world today, one I reveal at the onset of all of my coaching endeavors. Today, I share it with you in the hopes that you feel worthy of taking the next step to revealing your zone of genius, your pot of gold, your sweet spot of effortless flow. When you commit to a journey free from the hustle, you activate the universal laws that are just waiting to align you with a force of greater good. It is as if the sky opens up and you can tap into a whole new level of existence. This open field of infinite potential has always been on your horizon, you are simply choosing to see it now with a new perspective, one devoid of that tricky Ego, which is always battling for your attention.

My wish is to make 1 million leaders raise their bar of potential in 2017. I have been gifted with the knowledge of finding my way on my heroic journey from the depths of despair to a place of flowing abundance, and it is a honor to share the journey with you. It is a journey inspired by unconditional love of oneself first, and birthed in compassion, joy, appreciation and peace. You will meet your guides of confidence, ease, grace and speed along the way as you realize a new path to co-creating your dreams.

Nature has wonderful examples of this potential within us. Have you ever noticed how a bird does not struggle to fly or a rose simply unfolds in beauty and grace? You are also capable of the same spontaneous creation. It is the nature of the sun to shine and the stars to sparkle yet why do you feel unworthy of doing the same? What stands in your way of travelling a path of effortless ease to success? Why do you cling to the notion of "no pain, no gain" and work 70-hour weeks consistently? Were you taught at an early age that success requires endless hard work, sacrifice and unwavering discipline? Do you affirm the belief that prosperity and wealth is only achieved by sacrificing time with your family and friends, and neglecting your health and well-being? Do you compare yourself to others and believe in the scarcity and lack of abundance? Are you feeling burned out, exhausted and disconnected from joy and passion? Are you ready to take the first step towards a new life, one supported and inspired by love and your divine right to elevated levels of power and life's most precious gifts? Are you ready to relinquish your need to control your outcomes and trust that you will be fully supported in reaching previously, unattainable levels of success simply by connecting to your truth? I realize it may be a quantum leap for many but I can promise you one thing, taking this step allows you to align with the power within you to realize all your dreams with effortless ease.

Kristin Swarcheck, M.Ed., CPC, ELI-MP is a Conscious Growth Strategist who partners with CEOs. the C-Suite and Entrepreneurs to maximize their potential and accelerate business results with speed, grace and ease.

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