'Let Go' Trailer: Gillian Jacobs, Ed Asner, Kevin Hart & David Denman Star (VIDEO)

If there is anything more lovable in the world of entertainment than the Pixar film "Up" and the NBC sitcom "Community," we don't want to know about them; surely, their sweetness would trigger some sort early onset diabetes.

We will, however, make one exception: anything that combines the two quirky romps cannot go unappreciated. And as such, we draw your attention to the trailer to "Let Go," the indie dramedy from writer/director Brian Jett. The film, despite its low budget and lack of US distributor, boasts an impressive cast that features gorgeously quirky "Community" star Gillian Jacobs and the irascible voice of everyone's favorite globe-trotting crank, Ed Asner.

David Denman is the featured lead in the film, playing a parole officer to Jacobs, Asner and comedian Kevin Hart. As is obvious from the opening line, he's none-too-happy with his life, and, presumably, the quirky trio of cases will help him somehow learn to appreciate the little things, including his wife.

But unless they can deliver Pam Halpert nee Beasley, the whole effort is probably just futile.

Also, for devoted fans of "Community": we wonder what alternate timeline this takes place on (though we suspect it's the one where Britta and Troy fall in love; he, subsequently, breaks her heart and everything goes to hell).