Let History Speak

Let History Speak
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It does not take a lot for one to acknowledge that president Donald Trump has a warped understanding of history from his remarks on Charlottesville, Virginia and understanding of history. But, it is unsurprising this is the case because there has been evidence to show that Americans are not that aware of their own history. Also, there have been issues in choosing how to represent American history in textbooks. It should be noted that America does not have a clean history: Spanish-American Wars (1898-1902), the coups in Latin America (1954-1989), the support Americans gave to Afghanistan to fight the Soviet invasion (1979-1989), the actions against the tribes of this continent to make and expand America (17 century to present), or the many other moments, which all had blowbacks (poverty, drug issues, cartels, international terrorist, and so on). These blowbacks have caused real issues in the present time from ongoing conflicts that range in blood from micrometers to kilometers.

Refugees tend to be caused by conflicts or economic issues that stem from internal issues that were created by moments in the past (noted above). Any individual would flee a country in such times-there is an extensive history on this matter that one can find traces in William Shakespeare. Humans want what is best for their family despite the hardships that the future may hold for them because it is certainly a lot more better than what they have left. Therefore, countries that had an impact on the world should recognize their historical footprint and be more lenient with refugees or people fleeing their home due to some reason. Moreover, in retrospect, President Donald Trump’s decision to remove the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was deplorable, for the DACA was the least thing that Americans can do for countries and people that they have destabilized in the past.

Yes, we cannot rewrite history, but we can surely amend what has been caused by the past. It can be accomplish through: a more accurate depiction of history in schools, policies, and a more open conversation about the issues that stem from the past. In addition, this will not happen overnight, this is a long winding road with hurdles and challenges that need to be meet with sound ideas. But, at least this is start to something better.

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