Random Celebrities Sing 'Let It Be' In Bizarre Norwegian Talk Show Promo (VIDEO)

If you were wondering where all the B, C and even-too-random-for-D-list celebrities have been hiding lately, apparently they were all stolen by Norway to make this utterly baffling promo. In this six-minute viral ad for Norwegian talk show "Gylne Tider," a ridiculous amount of recognizable people lip sync to The Beatles' classic "Let It Be" in front of a green-screened beach. Yeah, we said it was baffling.

The first "celebrities" to appear on this mysterious beach are Roger Moore, Huey Lewis, Jason Alexander and Ricki Lake, and from there it just gets more and more bizarre. We don't know when this promo was made, but even the late Leslie Nielsen got involved.

The amount of people they recruited for this hilarious lip sync is incredible. Steve Guttenberg and Tonya Harding? Carlton from "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" and Right Said Fred? We must be dreaming. Check out the full list of celebrities on the show's IMDB page and tell us what you think of this masterpiece in the comments. (via Videogum/Matt Zaller)