Let Me Be Your Guide to the Best of Europe

09/19/2016 06:43pm ET | Updated September 20, 2017

I'm heading off to Europe and I'm wearing plaid. I explain why in this video clip -- along with a quick overview of Europe's best 3,000 miles and three weeks (as I review the itinerary of the Rick Steves Europe Tours Best of Europe tour I'll be leading), and a peek at how I rip up my guidebooks (part of the critical art of packing light). And I explain why, when people tell me, "Have a safe trip," I say, "Have a safe stay-at-home."

This is the first post of a three-week series as I'll be packing you and the rest of my traveling blog and Facebook friends along. I've been traveling like there's no tomorrow for the last few decades -- making guidebooks, designing our tours, and producing TV shows. And for the next three weeks, I'm going back to my travel-teaching roots -- personally guiding the granddaddy of our many tours: The Best of Europe in 21 Days. Please let your traveling friends know that we've got a fun series of 21 posts in 21 days coming your way starting right now.

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