Let Me F*cking Tell You Why You Aren’t Successful Yet!

We are not entitled to anything.
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<p>Do you want to be successful?</p>

Do you want to be successful?

Others are better than you?

Have you had that moment when you think about your dreams and they seem so far away? You think why can’t you have them already. You see other successful people and envy them.

I have had these moments.

I know many others who have had them. If you recognize yourself, read more below. If you are already successful, you can gently close this page because you probably know about what I am writing.

And yes, I know, there are others who have already wrote about this “principle.” But still most of us don’t follow it. It just needs to be repeated again and again in different articles from different people. So maybe one day, we are all better.

Do you know why you aren’t successful yet?

Because you haven’t worked hard enough. You haven’t got your ass out there. You have wasted time. You have done everything else but not doing what you really need to do.

And that’s real work. Constantly doing it. Every damn day.

But you find excuses. Maybe you feel tired? Maybe you think that when you send that one email then it’s okay to go and watch some TV because you gave enough today? Maybe you think you will do it tomorrow, one day later won’t count anyway?


Sorry, but it is total bullsh*t!

As one good person I know (Mario Tomic) said –

“If you are not happy, chances are that you are demanding more than you are willing to give. It’s as simple as that.”


The f*ckng truth! Sorry if I’m little bit too straightforward and emotional.

It just pisses me off. And do you know why? Because I do these same mistakes. And it’s hard to face the truth. And although it all seems so easy (you need to just work), then in real life, usually you don’t start doing it so easily. You have to get over many factors like laziness, fear of something, procrastination etc. And that may be hard. For some, it isn’t. Depends how badly to you want your dreams.

We are not entitled to anything.

But when we give our BEST (and I really mean best) effort, EVERY damn day, we win. If you want the best, do the best. Earn it. Work towards your dreams.

Figure out how and what you need to do. Life will show you the way and opportunities will come. Prepare for the luck. But it’s only possible when you give your best.

So… let’s wrap it up and summarize what we talked about.

Work. Constantly. Earn it.


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