Let Me Guess, New Year, New You?

Close up on the hands of a young woman as she is writing in a small notepad at a wooden table
Close up on the hands of a young woman as she is writing in a small notepad at a wooden table

Every year every one aspires to be a "new them." Especially now, social media has all sorts of ideas, goals, and interesting things to do and how to be. Instead of just hoping for a new you, prep yourself to follow your goals. Everyone has goals stored away in the back of their mind, but you need to put them out there so you can organize them, and determine how and when you want to reach them. Here are some things to consider when looking into the New Year!

Write Down Your Goals!!!!
By writing down your goals, you can put them in a location where you will see them regularly. Pin them on your wall, leave yourself notes in your planner, set reminders in your phone... the options are endless! Reminding yourself daily about your short-term (long-term too!) goals will help you stick to them throughout the New Year.

Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize.
If you're making to-do lists for your to-do lists, now's the time to stop! I know we are all guilty, especially me, in making huge crazy to-do lists that aren't reasonable to get done all in one day. In order to have a productive day though, these lists are a must!

To help prioritize, break it down. Make a giant list for the week, and then break it up day by day, with times included. By including times of the day that you want to accomplish certain tasks, it will force you to procrastinate less.

Drink More (water), Eat Less Junk.
Let this be the year that you focus on drinking water all day. Ever since you were a kid, it was always drilled into your head how important drinking water is. Buy a cute water bottle for the New Year and use it throughout the day. Once it's empty, fill it up right away!

I know ramen is irresistible, but try to cut down this year! Be aware of all of the unhealthy food that you're actually consuming every day. Spend your money on fruits and vegetables, even if that means spending a little extra.

P.S Don't forget about breakfast. That's important too!

Self-Reflect and Respect Yourself!
We've all be through enough craziness in our lives to know what you choose to tolerate and what you don't. This year it's time to respect yourself by standing up for yourself, and other people when you know things aren't right. Surround yourself with people who will better you, and support what you do!

Think Before You [Tweet, Snapchat, Post, Comment, Like]...
It will be 2016! Social media has been popular for enough time now for you to know that you cannot let it consume you or define you! Hold back from posting negative words and things to purposely hurt or taunt other people!

The social media world is one that we're all guilty of getting wrapped up in. It has just become a part of everyone's daily routine to constantly check the latest posts by their followers. This New Year, think about what you're actually spending your time on. Are you creeping just to creep? What type of information are you gaining? Is it positive or negative? Are you happy with how much time you're spending on social media? Adjust your routine this New Year!

Maximize Your Closet & Stop Comparing Wardrobes!
DON'T EVER SAY YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR... think about how selfish you're being when that phrase escapes from you. I'm sure you have plenty of clothes, you're just bored with them!

You may feel like this because you know that the latest styles are out on the shelves and you always want the best of the best. Save money, time and stress by sticking to what's already in your closet, and just plan your outfits ahead of time. Planning outfits is an art. Put them together a few days in advance! Mix and match and don't be afraid to try something new. By doing this, you will get the most out of your clothes!

With the newest fashion, everyone wants to throw out his or her old clothes and start fresh. If you find a lot of your stuff is from years back, donate to a friend, or to a local consignment shop.

And most importantly, don't dress for other people, dress for you!

Just be you, and stay true to what you value!
It's not hard to be an individual! Just stay true to you. Being able to be an individual is fabulous. Believe me, people notice when you try too hard to be someone you're not. It's so easy to get caught up in what's going around you, but try not to! Let 2016 be the year that you are consciously aware of what you are true to.

Don't be afraid to drift away from people. You outgrow people, and that's okay! It is important to remember what you value in yourself, and in other people. Surround yourself with the right people who allow you to simply just be the best version of you.

Focus on yourself.
No more comparing you to other people, it's 2016! Stop scrolling through social media late at night. You don't need to go to bed thinking about other people, and wondering what you can do to be better. "Don't worry about what I'm doing. Worry about why you're worried about what I'm doing". By focusing on yourself, you can compete with yourself, rather than those around you.

Buy a pretty 2016 planner and use it! Keep track of the things you accomplish, and the events you go to! Write down little notes to yourself throughout to make you smile and to keep you motivated!

Here's to a great year in 2016!